Tag 1825. hint.

Mrs. Norris fetched breath, and went on again.„The nonsense and folly of people’s stepping out of their rank and trying … Mehr

Tag 1819 cold.

„Jane caught a bad cold, poor thing! so long ago as the 7th of November, (as I am going to … Mehr

Tag 1816. craving.

Her thoughts being still chiefly fixed on what she had with such causeless terror felt and done, nothing could shortly … Mehr

Tag 1814. charming.

„She hoped to be more fortunate* the next day; and when her wishes for fine weather were answered by seeing … Mehr

Tag 1812. pleasures.

„Well, I cannot understand it.“„That is the case with us all, papa. One half of the world cannot understand the … Mehr

Tag 842. felicity.

Margaret one memorable morning direct their steps, attracted by the partial sunshine of a showery sky, and unable longer to … Mehr